• It feels like the most freeing thing in the World and yet…
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  • So I made some banana bread with my cousin the other day…
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  • I couldn’t pick one thing or moment that has made me smile…
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  • (As little context for you – I had to write something for…
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    Let’s Bake: Banana Bread!
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    Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month
    Updating The Blog & Discussing: Writing ‘Worthwhile’ Content

    Updating The Blog & Discussing: Writing ‘Worthwhile’ Content

    So, if you’ve not grabbed your cup of tea yet (or coffee, whatever you like…) please do so - because I would be honoured to have you join me for the next part of whatever this is, this crazy creative thing we call blogging…
    Theatre Week: ‘Othello’
    Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Rise/Set
    Theatre Week: ‘The Grinning Man’
    National Theatre Day

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