My #Live For The Story

My #Live For The Story

The other night I decided to enter a completion which required me to share a photo and write a story for it but, when I sat down to write I realised how much I’d missed writing and as a result started this blog! So I thought it was only fitting to share the full ‘I just sat down and wrote, completely and utterly forgetting the word limit ( like an Idiot ) version here .Enjoy!
# liveforthestory Music helps me. It really does. It helps me to stay steady and true to who I am and that’s never really been a secret. I can’t remember a time in my life without it, from Recorder and Choir in Primary school, Violin, until my teacher moved country when I was 11, to the almost six years of subsequent Singing lessons that followed after that and while that sounds like a bit of a mess, it was never anywhere near as messy as my life ever became without it. Without that outlet for creativity no matter how screechy and terrible my 7-year-old self may have been, driving my family absolutely crazy with the Violin! (I can honestly say that I no longer wonder why I didn’t find another teacher after that – although I wish now with all my heart that I had.)
The start of Sixth-Form was a really difficult time for me and I eventually had a breakdown. And that’s ok. On a particularly bad day that year, I decided that I needed to do something, anything, no matter how trivial that would make me happy. And so I did. (you probably know where I’m going with this but…) By favourite song is Bach’s Prelude Suite 1 for unaccompanied Cello. So, I came to the conclusion that day that this would be something I could find Joy in and I resolved to set out to learn how to play this magnificent piece. (Which I’m still working on and will probably be doing so for a very. VERY. Long time and gladly at that too.) Due to various reasons however, I did not manage to even rent a Cello for another six months or so. Which I’m not gonna lie, that did present quite a fair few challenges to my new plan. But even more so were the problems I came across in not being able to start lessons for another 4 months after that. Even then, after all this waiting I still only managed to have one lesson. Just one. Only starting again some 6 months after that. Not knowing at the time how long it would be, I decided to try and learn the basics, which of course only led to utter terror – hoping desperately that I wouldn’t accidently pick up a thousand bad habits.
After what felt like forever, I eventually was able to start lessons properly. I have to say that it was amazing and I didn’t care in the slightest, that the sound I was making was completely horrendous at the time; I was finally, finally doing something and it felt great. So whenever I get frustrated that I just can’t get a certain, slur or bar or piece down, I remind myself of this day. The day that I went and did something to change how I was feeling. The day I decided to pursue and dedicate time to something I have always wanted to do. The day I went in to the Music store (in the pouring rain I might add) and got my first Cello. 🎶🎤🎼🎻💚


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