Idina Menzel Album Tour Concert

Idina Menzel Album Tour Concert

Well… I’m not sure how to begin as I’m honestly having trouble believing it really happened. I adore musical theatre and so its only natural for Idina Menzel to be an inspiration of mine. ( Pre – Frozen I might add.) I have no idea why I’m so defensive about that; ‘Frozen’ is great and that’s hard to deny as it’s Disney’s highest – grossing animated film to date. I guess apart of me feels the need to recognise some of the other, utterly stunning musical creations such as ‘Rent’ ‘Wicked’ and ‘If/Then.’
*sighs and quietly confesses that I am that annoying friend who will add ‘but did you know they also did this or that’ to the end of any, even slightly, relevant conversation… like Every. Chance. I. Get. ‘Coughs’ oops.* For anyone that may not know ( and I do forget that there are people who don’t spend their time filling their head to the brim with theatre related trivia) Idina Menzel is the voice of Elsa in ‘Frozen.’ Hmmm, I thought I could leave it alone but I can’t *gushes* and the original Elphaba! A.K.A. The Green Girl.



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‘Rent’ ~ this gif makes me giggle, no idea why, it just seems so badass.

I just can’t help the fan girl excitement ok. Its like a reflex. For instance, when I hear the opening chord of a song by my favourite band, maybe in an advert on TV or something, I instinctively feel like I need to announce that its them. Even though no one really cares. Its just one of those things I do without really thinking about it.
Side-tracked, side-tracked, ok, well I went to see Idina Menzel perform in concert as apart of her European tour this weekend just gone. It was (and still is to be honest) a little bit surreal for me – a connection with reality, no matter how much I try, that I just can’t seem to make. I had contended myself with the fact that there are numerous actors both on Broadway and off that I’m simply never going to see perform because I have Never. Been. To. New. York. Which is much to my dismay as, there a multiple shows such as: If/Then, Waitress, Bandstand, Finding Neverland and many more that have yet to (if ever) make homes also in the West End. *anxiously crosses fingers* inhales sharply, holds breath *and toes.*  (Cant hurt right?)
ANYWAY, I’ve been having one of those years where I made a resolution to be more adventurous and actually try and takes steps in the directions of things I would quite like to do one day. From starting this blog to deciding to frantically sit at my laptop two weeks ago in desperate hope of finding tickets. Whatever it is, it seems to actually be sort of working for once. (Here might be a good time to mention that I have made similar resolutions of sorts in previous years – which blatantly never surpassed February.) But as Mr Jonathan Larson unrefuted and beautifully wrote ‘there’s no day but today.’ I want to live life choosing to make mistakes if I must, but not regrets.
Don’t get me wrong I’m fully aware that a concert is not at the forefront of the grand scheme of things. However, I figured why not? Why not this year? Why should I be content with deciding its something I would love to do, at some point, in my life? But not have the courage for now, in this moment? That kind of thinking just no longer makes quite as much sense to me as it once did. (Even when the tour dates are through exam season…) *Adverts eyes but is not ashamed.* If anything, I think its meant I’ve had to manage my time better so win, win, right? Riighttt.


I know photography is not my best but I’m working on it – there was a lot of smoke, ok.

It truly was a really lovely weekend and when I entered the theatre you can probably guess the band whose songs were playing – not like it was Florence + the Machine or anything. To which of course, in true fan girl style I beamed. Trying. Not to hyperventilate at just how perfect and coincidental it all seemed -muttering ‘Florence’ to one of my best friends as we found our seats. The rest of the night has become a blur of pure happiness and y’know what? I’m ok with that. Hearing intricately beautiful music such as ‘Seasons of Love’ / ‘Defying Gravity’/ ‘My own worst enemy’/ ‘No day but today’/ ‘Queen of Swords’ and my gosh ‘For Good’ ACAPELLA – was certainly more than my musical theatre – appreciating – heart could take!
I then spent the rest of the weekend with my siblings revising ( yes I meant to write revising) on the beach. I can honestly say that it was one of best 72 hours of my life and definitely some of the most memorable this year.

Idina is an inspiration of mine as, if you have been reading thus far:
1. Thank you and 2. You will know by now of my love for theatre and acting. Not gonna lie; its a fact. What you definitely do not yet know is that when I was younger I had a very turbulent relationship with it.   ( Due to there being limited roles for actors with disabilities – of which I hope to one day see/make a change in the world .) This all started from the day I heard Idina Menzel’s voice singing (at full volume of course) ‘The Wizard & I’ from my brother’s room, who was listening to the Soundtrack of ‘Wicked’ after he had just seen it earlier that month. So, naturally I went in because one: he was singing along to his heart’s content. Which I can honestly say had never happened before and two: I. Had. To. Know. What. This. Music. Was. From there he explained to me about the musical: how it was amazing because it had two powerful leading ladies that demonstrated the love of true friendship, how the front of house was completely green ‘like stepping into OZ’ but best of all, how the actress was painted GREEN! 💚 I mean… how much more magic could my 8 year old heart take? But alas I didn’t get to see ‘Wicked’ myself for another two years.  Menzel has remained a constant role model in my life since and the lyrics from ‘Rent’ (as fore mentioned) have become a sort mantra in my life and in particularly difficult times, along with countless other wonderful musicals, plays and actors, that I subsequently had discovered. I never imagined I would have the opportunity to see Idina perform live in my entire life. So, I would just like to say thank you. Thank you for being an inspiration and thank you for giving me the courage I need to pursue the life I wish to lead and become the type of person I want to be. There is nothing I can say that could quite explain all that your music has done for me and for many others I’m sure! But thank you! ☺️💜🎶
I would love to hear of some of your role models and why, musical or otherwise X X
~ Britt



  1. August 21, 2017 / 07:28

    Eu sei isso se off-topic, mas eu estou olhando para começar minha
    própria weblog e foi imaginando que tudo é necessário para obter configurar ?
    Acho que ter um blog como seu custaria uma fortuna.
    Eu não sou muito internet esclarecido por isso não estou
    100% positivo . Qualquer sugestões ou Conselho seria
    muito apreciado. Muito obrigado

  2. September 4, 2017 / 08:02

    Hi Yvonne, when you start a blog you are usually given a choice of plan and so it is completely up to you and what you feel will work best with what you are specifically trying to achieve. It took me a couple of days to decide on how I wanted everything to be – I hope this is some sort of help!


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