~ A Letter to June ~


With you, you have bought the days of Summer!

Even though the rain is my favourite,

I can not say that I mind all that much;

you bringeth rays of warmth, I’ll soon forget.

But for now, very now, I’ll happily clutch

at the endings you bitter-sweetly bring.


For with each end you profess a new song

I’ll not cling. I’ll shout and sing to times passed –

a concert of all that’s not long ago.

After all, I will take your gentle cue

and chase the sunsets in their multitude.


So thank you. June. For the days that have ensued:

the smiles – embraces from those I love.

Moments I will cherish and not in lieu,

as scintillating as the Summer Sun.

Which whispers of the month yet to come…



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