Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Delta

Ok, so I thought I would try and give this a go, I’m hardly a professional photographer or anything. In fact I just about know how to turn the camera on, but for now I guess that’s all I’ll need – anything else I hope I’ll learn along the way…
This is my first of, well, hopefully  a weekly photo challenge, if you’d like to check it out yourself the brief is over at The Daily Post  and is as follows:

“For this week’s photo challenge, share a picture that symbolizes transitions, change, and the passing of time.”

Sooo, this is what it made me think about, now this isn’t actually my photo for this week but it was going to be originally  so I’m tagging it on as a sort of extra. (can I do that? I don’t actually know Erm, I’m sure I’ll soon find out!)

shparts 2

This is the interior of a Grade II listed Stately Home turned Arts Centre . I have a thing for architecture , I don’t know any technicalities or formal terms but I have always had an appreciation for the fine detail of a beautifully sculpted building.
Seemingly off topic but I promise it’s not – one of my favourite genre’s is sci-fi because I love the various plot twists that hide within its pages and the resultant possibility of time travel. Obviously, I know time travel is fiction no matter how much I wish I could travel by T.A.R.D.I.S.  (and I do; that would be amazing!) Unfortunately it isn’t possible as of the moment, but when I visit old buildings I can’t help but think about all the people who have passed through the door before me and what stories they might tell if they could.
THEN, as if reading my thoughts I  turned around to see this:
{Now this one is my response to the brief.}
The wall had been purposefully redecorated rather artistically (I’m not certain who by) to convey what the room used to look like in the past. In doing so it ultimately traps this moment in time. It was then that I realised two things, the first being: there are actually, real-life people that have just as unusual thoughts  about the concept of time as me! Secondly; one day in the future when the wall has another later or maybe more, there might be someone else that walks in to that room and thinks about the past. Somehow I had never looked at it from that perspective before and instead of that thought freaking me out, it was strangely comforting. Why, you ask? I don’t actually know yet.
What wasn’t so comforting was my friend as we arrived:
matter – of – factly  “you know it’s haunted right?””
Me; “ehm, Wha-”
Friend;  ” – shall we go in now?” briskly walks to door.
Yep, that genuinely happened.  So I sat there in the rain for a moment trying to decide if they were serious and it turns and out that they were COMPLETELY SERIOUS.😅


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