Summer Week One

Summer Week One

Just over a week ago I had my last exam and so technically I’m done! (Is it bad that one of my first thoughts was not to celebrate but instead that Summer means plenty more time for writing?
(Hmmm, that’s what I thought too…)
It hasn’t yet sunk in and already I cant help but feel nostalgic which is weird. I mean you would have thought that you would have to of fully let go of something before you can miss it?  Maybe I’m just pre-empting it because I’m naturally quite a nostalgic person, but again that seems kind of pointless so I don’t really know.
There are some things I’ll inevitability miss… maybe not so much the hundreds of essays but especially after spending the last seven years in the same place with the same people, I’m sure there’s even things I haven’t realised yet, which I’ll miss. Two years ago roughly I wrote about A – Levels and how I managed them at the very start. Looking back on it now I think it’s utterly subjective and I never really found a set ‘way’ in fact, I’m not certain there is one.
The first day of sixth form seems a lifetime ago and yet I can remember it with an unusual amount of clarity: from my red dress and grey cardigan that myself and two other girls happened to have and accidently yet frequently wear on the same days throughout the next two years, to the sort of assembly/gathering we had which was followed by, honestly, not all that much for the next few weeks with brand new subjects and all, it was mostly sitting around until classes properly started. Little did I know at the time that I would spend the majority of that first year wishing for the Summer that had just passed. It was one of the best Summers I have ever had – for so many reasons. I’m not gonna lie the year that  followed was tough. Although, it finally gave way to the next which was better and gladly I’ll admit, increasingly so but, not without its own delightful challenges. I can say that I would do it all again though, even the worst days.
So, this week has been crazy busy, from barbeques to gift shopping, almost piercings and prom – its an odd mix, I know.


I as always left it until the very last minute and had to go shopping the day before prom…

One of my friends wanted to get her ears re -pierced and I’ve been debating whether to get my seconds done for over a year now but, I keep putting it off because I got my ears pierced so long ago that I can’t remember how painful it was. Until this week. I was fully prepared to just go and do it and then they didn’t have any time slots left. She believed that ‘was a sign’ and I’ve gotta’ say she was probably right. So, instead we settled for milkshakes, as its been really hot recently. I haven’t been to Shakeaway in six years and I’d completely forgotten how good it was and the manager was so happy that my friend found her Sharpie lid (she’d just bought new ones or something.) She gave us all discounts which was incredibly kind!!
However, yesterday * Coughs and mumbles intelligibly – actually the day before now that I’ve gotten round to finishing this* was our ‘Stand Down’ and Prom (Stand down basically just being an opportunity for fancy dress on our last ‘official’ day.) I did have more photos but it doesn’t look like I saved them – I know, I know rookie mistake…
prom cake

This was such a good Cheesecake <3

prom 1.jpg 2

{Music by: BenSound}

I started this post on my last day and so the fact that its all over, only really hit me at prom. I realised there were people in that room I have spent years with, some near 14 years and I might not see them again. If I could define something as bitter-sweet this week would be it. I was surprised that I wasn’t sad, I was dancing with people I love and I was content with trying to just stay in that moment.

Quote for the week:

“It is strange how we hold on to the pieces of the past while we wait for our futures.” ~Ally Condie

– ‘Matched’ (I actually read this book a few years back and full recommend the entire trilogy!)



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