Cardiff, Coffee, Castles, Carrie … and Books?

Cardiff, Coffee, Castles, Carrie … and Books?

* just to reassure you there are no spoilers throughout this post – also it really, rEaLLy bothers me that there was no way to not ruin that alliteration… 😭*
Ok, so I really need to write right now but I’m on the train so I’ve given up on the notebook, as my hand – writing is utterly atrocious when I’m moving! Plus this specific notebook is for something other than what I want to write about at the moment. I just wanna’ talk about today for a second because well… I don’t want to forget a single second. I dont know when I’ll get around to finishing this so, the day in question here is Monday the 7th of August. I am on a train back from Cardiff, rocking back and forth in my seat rather strangely as I’ve drunk a lot of coffee today and now I need to use the bathroom.  So for now I’m going to try and ignore the questioning glances of my fellow passengers as I type frantically – hoping my battery will last! 😅 Probably way more information than you wanted ( or needed.)
I went with my sister – in – law (who I’d like to thank for such an incredible day!!) to a book signing for Carrie Hope Fletcher’s new book ‘All That She Can See.’ As we both really loved her first novel ‘On the Other Side’ (which I fully recommend giving a read if you haven’t!) I can’t wait to read this new book, normally I would have read it on the day it was released, but have been holding out to get it at the book signing, which was amazing!! For anyone who has no idea about this book the blurb along with the book itself can be found over at The Little Brown Book Group if you so wish to find out more…
(Oooo just had a thought –  for oversees limited signed editions can still be bought from here; The Hopeful Shop at the time this was written…just sharing the book love.)


Disclaimer – I do not own any cover art featured here of which belong to Carrie Hope Fletcher, Sphere, the little brown book group, Diana Gabaldon and Penguin Random House.

However, I can say in no uncertain terms that it is dangerous for bookworms to get to Waterstones an hour earlier than required. We were so distracted by all the books that we didn’t noticed that a queue, hadn’t only started to form, but was already out the door and down the street by the time we’d lifted our noses out of the ornate covers of, hundreds of books still on our ‘to read’ list… when I came across a copy of Diana Gabaldon’s ‘Outlander’ which has been on my reading list for at least a couple of years – mostly because I didn’t own a copy and now its been made in to a TV Series which I’ve been doing all I can to resist, unlike the singular copy I found in the store…😅
Before I knew it we were at the front of the queue and like an idiot I’d not yet given ANY substantial thought as to what I should say! 🤦‍♀️So, despite my blundering Carrie was very lovely and I give credit to her and any author who does book signings as, the repetition and smiling for hours must be exhausting.
Afterwards, we went to Starbucks to get some food, where we saw numerous people carrying freshly signed copies of ‘All That She Can See’ and it was kinda’ comforting to not be the only ones who had clearly overestimated the timings, before we could get a train home, by, say, a good 4 and a half hours or so…
We then walked around awhile and found a cute little market before turning a corner, to be greeted by a castle, which was stunning.
A selection of the numerous Photos I took at the Castle…way too many photos, so much so that I completely ran out of storage and my phone basically decided to stop functioning entirely!IMG_3618[1]IMG_3629[1]IMG_3675[1]IMG_3661[1]IMG_3634[1]

This was above a fireplace in a library from the 15th Century that is dedicated language and literature. This piece was sculpted by Thomas Nicholls and represents “the five ‘ancient’ languages of Greek, Hebrew, Assyrian, Hieroglyphics and Runic.” – which I thought was pretty cool!


We were both ridiculously ecstatic to find a door that was my height. This. Never. Happens!

Finally we stopped for lemonade before parting ways on the platform, eager to start the book on the journey home. At least for me that was until, I realised that I want to be able read it all in one go. Which I’m not going to be able to do right now and so resorted to writing as a distraction. Although, I plan on reading it tonight, I’m too impatient- which isn’t good.
Do you have any books you’re desperate to read right now? Or recommendations because I’d love to hear them!
Carrie is also an actress who inspires me and I was fortunate enough to see her in the national UK tour of ‘The Addams Family’ a few weeks back. I plan to write about this too. So, when I get the chance I’ll post a link here in case you’d like to check that out also.



  1. August 11, 2017 / 22:27

    Looks like it was a fun trip Britt 😀
    I’m currently reading The Handmaid’s Tale, I have a million books on my TBR list, I have no idea what to read next 😂

    • August 12, 2017 / 16:42

      It was a really good day, thank you! I absolutely love ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ its one of my all time favourites – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! ☺️ I can never choose what to read first, its a complete nightmare…😅


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