~ A Letter to July ~

We flew away, towards your summer sun
More eager than Dawn we packed suitcases,
Upon the foreign terrain, all undone.
Exploring these new and unknown places
carelessly careful, adventurous and young.
Then favouring the quieter moments –
mid – summer picnics, a threat of thunder,
turned away, gave in to its encroachment.
Stolen conversations huddled under,
voices brush off the surface, resonant.
Umbrellas yield and Rain drowns the echoing.
Delayed, with pounding footsteps on the stair,
Fervent festivals frequented by your days.
A wall of music is suddenly there.
Palpable. People flock for creativity,
it seeps persistence through another play –
all of it a siren for the inspired.
Endless dancing, the briefest of seconds.
Glancing. O’! As I catch a reflection.
Day after night, week, then month you beckon.
Again I’m saying, with no hint of objection…
Thank you for it all, July (even the rain.) Goodbye.


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