Tea Tasting Tuesdays

Hello and happy Tuesday!
I absolutely love tea –  I would not have gotten through my A – Levels without a good cup of tea every now and then, so much so, that it has become a little know fact about me amongst my friends. Subsequently, I got a kettle (featured below) for my birthday a few years back just so that I could make tea in my room! Since then I have accumulated a vast tea stash and I want to try some new types. So, I thought I might try a series of tea tasting!
(ANNNNDD if nothing else its just a really, really good excuse to have a cup of tea!)

Yes, yes that is a TARDIS mug in the back – I use it to store teabags…

A dear friend of mine got me this tea set for my birthday last year from Whittard, featuring stunning characters from ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ Along with a beautiful turquiose mug, which I loved but, it mysteriously went missing from the sixth form kitchen one day 🙁 This set has English Breakfast, Afternoon and Earl Grey tea – all of which are great but I’m starting with the first (English Breakfast) despite feeling like that makes me a bit boring, but oh well, it’s my go to.
Someone  feel free to tell me if I’m doing this wrong, as I don’t often use loose tea leaves! I left them in… even if this isn’t what should be done, it still tasted great!
I love a good teacup, my brother and sister – law got this Denby one for me a few Christmases ago and it’s stunning, but I don’t use it very often as I’M very CLUMSY, so sometimes it sits on my bookshelf…  As frequently designated tea maker, one of the ways  in which I can tell how close I am to someone is whether, I know how they have their tea/coffee. I usually have milk and sugar (which isn’t too good😅 and obviously dependant on the tea.)
If you have a favourite type of tea, I’d love to hear, or even if you’re more of a coffee person! ☕️💛


2 thoughts on “Tea Tasting Tuesdays”

    1. Ooo, thank you!! I tend to go for iced coffee more than anything else – otherwise there has to be gingerbread and it needs to be Christmas. Oddly specific, I know, aha🌲☕️ ( and now i’m wishing there was a gingerbread person emoji… I didn’t realise there wasnt.😅 ) Although, I think I’ve gotta’ agree with Rory on this – tea’s where my heart’s at…


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