Travelbook: A week in Spain

At the end of our exams in July myself and some school friends decided to go to Spain, and it already feels like forever ago as we got our results this week!
*Fair warning this post is mostly a collation of random photos –  I promise I am trying to become more organised!*
Now, you maybe thinking a whole week in the same space with the same eight girls, well that’s not going to end well! Except you would be wrong. If being completely honest I’m incredibly grateful to have such wonderful friends and that we do get on that well, even in stressful situations… like when the downstairs toilet broke and we had to be mindful that it didn’t completely flood every 3 hours! which wasn’t too big of a deal, the issue really lied more with  trying (now the key word here is trying *coughs* aaannnnd mostly failing – at least on my part anyway…) to speak to the plumber in Spanish, Agh, even looking back on it now, it makes me cringe at how awkward I can be on the phone!! Yet, despite all this, it really was a great week and as usual I took what felt like a million photos and all the people we met were so incredibly kind and conversational. I can’t find it at the moment (if I do I’ll add it) one night we went to a tapas bar and the atmosphere was wonderful! One of the waiters got out a guitar and started to sing some Spanish songs and the bathroom. Yes the bathroom, was adorable! Some of the wall tiles had inspirational quotes. As you may or may not know I love a good motivational quote (I even have a quote jar!) So as result we had to go and see, yep, sounds thrilling – I know! 😅

So after a few brief and I mean brief hours sleep we left for the airport before Sunrise as, excitement gradually overtook the sleepiness!

Aannnd like the idiot that I am, I packed my jacket in my suitcase and I was freezing – until a lovely friend of mine lent me hers, which of course meant I quickly fell asleep… with my mouth gaping open…Very. Embarrassing. Of which I was made immediately aware of upon waking up, as all my friends were like, (and i’m quoting here) “oh, err, no, agh she’s awake, never mind!” Sooooo of course over the week a very flattering photo of me as such was finally revealed! 😂

I was ecstatic and you may think that’s a bit of an over – reaction, but considering how much I love music I feel it was justified, that firstly these headphones looked like quavers and second that they matched my nails. (To put that in perspective my socks don’t even normally match so that’s quite an accomplishment for me…🎵

This was the beautiful view that we all utterly fell in love with from the second floor balcony! I love seeing all the different flowers that you normally wouldn’t see in your own country.

There’s something about sunlight on water that I find just as mesmerising as the rain, also this picture was way more difficult to take than it should have been and was probably a really risky decision on my part – considering how clumsy I am and the unfortunate skill  I have required of breaking my phone…

This was in an alley way outside a restaurant that we went to unbelievably extreme lengths to find as the owners are a sort of family friend, so I felt compelled to visit and the food there is amazing! (So, let’s face it, it didn’t require a lot of convincing) only, I’m not gonna’ lie it is undoubtedly tricky to find a place when you’re not sure what its called… if anyone is curious it’s ‘Italiana’ and I highly recommend it if you decide to visit Calahona (which is the town where we stayed.) Also, I really love the symmetry of this shot and I got some serious GofT vibes!🍽

It was really lovely to have breakfast out on the balcony and make a pot of tea. Yes I did just say a pot of tea… tea is great ok and also as we don’t really ever have breakfast together so it made a nice change. Also the task of trying to figure out what everything is in Spanish, when you’ve only just woken up, can be kinda amusing! 🍶🌞
Some days we went down to Cabopino beach, which was lovely, despite getting a very un-even tan by accidentally becoming too absorbed by my book, yep, rookie mistake I know!


This was in a b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. little court yard in Feungirola, Its a shame I didn’t take more photos as I was mostly filming instead 🎥
We found a whole shop dedicated to ice cream. I was very excited and took forever to decide! 🍨🍦
On the Tuesday we went to Aqua Mijas ( a sort of, local Waterpark) and it was a GREAT day. I mean there were crepes and doughnut so there’s really no way it couldn’t have been form there on out anyway… no, but in all serious it was great. Despite the fact that I rather embarrassingly got stuck on a slide. Yep. (Apparently you were supposed to lie down or something and well, I didn’t realise) So that resulted in me having to shimmy the rest of the way. Mehahaa, yeah, have I ever told you that ‘graceful’ is my middle name… 🤦‍♀️
My friends are fantastic bakers. They truly are. So, some people go to another country and party. No not us, we stayed in one night and made crumble. It was GREAT. They were disappointed with how it turned out but I personally loved it!
Although we did try some cocktails the next night and basically concluded that we all liked someone else’s more than our own…🍹
These Signs. oh my gosh, can I just… agh…this restaurant was filled with quirky little signs that I thought were just great! Really made me giggle!


Alas, the week eventually came to a close and it was time, once more to head home. Our flight was delayed. Very delay. Sooo I may have found coffee, sorta’ maybe…🍫🛫 Also is it bad that I hadn’t noticed that all the writing on the Kit-Kat was in Spanish, until I got back, which made me want to save it, instead of eating it, already nostalgic for the beautiful weather. I mean really, what else did I expect!

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