Tea Tasting Tuesdays

Tea Tasting Tuesdays

Hello and happy Tuesday!
Or maybe not quite yet, ok, so in all honesty, its not actually Tuesday as I’m writing this one, *sips tea, glances over mug suspiciously. CLEARS THROAT* I just really wanted a cup of tea ok so, I figured, why not?
So this is the first ever ‘T2 I’ve tried, it was also a birthday gift which tastes amazing! (but then again I’m probably biased as it is my favourite kind…)
As I was just researching T2 to find out more about them (they have an immense variety of tea!) I discovered that they have a tea Society…. I mean, wHaT! This. Is. Great. I may oorrrr may not have signed up… let’s face it we all know it’s the former. This tea is loose leaf again something I’m new to, you don’t need to add milk but I did and again with this tea as the previous there’s not direction or suggestion as to how to have or make it. I mean, I know how to make tea generally but I don’t know it there’s a proper way of doing it with loose leaves or anything… if there is I can’t imagine that not doing effects the taste very much as it still tastes great to me.
Ever tried any T2? Recommendations very welcome!


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