~ A Letter to August ~



You came and went again – it seems I wasn’t looking.

A single moment. I stopped and was hooked.

O’ across the country and to the next –

but there you were not. I would know, I Looked.

Clearing the way for Autumn already?

I sit and wonder why, all perplexed.


Fellow passengers look on and wonder,

I answer in loud thought – it’s not obvious?

We flock like birds, in nervous song,

Coarse clouds overhead hang ominous,

But hopelessly Hopeful we belong.

A Letter, a Word, a Page or a Name.


These adored books adorned by worlds yet unknown,

The smell of parchment hugs the musty air.

A home I feel I know so well. We flit.

Like castle explorers we trek, but where?

The Keep, the wall, or library to see what’s writ.

Stop. Breathe and say goodbye. A place of stone.


I wait and sit and wait, a school girl once more

drawn to the subtle stories of others.

Face full of make up and shoes that aren’t mine,

I am. But yet still am, somehow, another.

Eager to start; it’s clearly by design

Cameras and costumes and clapping awaits…


Awoken early I wiped my rain smeared glasses clear,

a polite nod, a stranger by the door,

We dashed, to follow the steps down below

Rushed words I see yet, do not hear or know.

To find our way we follow where they go.

An air of excitement, lingers, all a buzz.


Suddenly it’s there up ahead, we smile aghast yet with delight.

As impatient as the children we once were – we run

A towering spectacle, we beam bright

No default, or comparison it’s next to none

Worth the wait and what a sight!

A Glittering hue of Gold, Pink and Blue…


It’s true however, I hesitated and you were gone!

You played your part well and now you are done,

So Summer, we must part once more at Dawn

As I blink the morning from my eyes

I know I’ll not forget this one.



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