Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Layered

If you would like to check out this week’s photo challenge yourself it can be found over at The Daily Post and the brief is as follows:

“This week, let’s explore the interplay of texture and depth.”

So, for this week I was thinking of using a couple of photos which I took from last weekend when I visited Kew Gardens with my Sister-in-Law. As that’s where my mind immediately jumped to when I saw this week’s word!
Kew Gardens is in London and is roughly 300 acres so, think  3 times the size of Whinne the Phoo’s 100 acre wood… (that seemingly came out of no where but I promise it didn’t. I just watched the trailer for the ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’ film earlier this evening with Domhnall Gleeson & Margot Robbie – two actors I adore and so I really want to see it!)
Anyway… I digress! In Kew there is this stunning beehive Sculpture, designed by Wolfgang Buttress. There are speakers and lights which echo the live activity of a real life hive located somewhere within the gardens. You can also walk up inside the sculpture and feel the subtle vibration of the bees throughout the aluminium hive. I was honestly stunned by this piece and it is said that “the multi award-winning Hive was inspired by scientific research into the health of honeybees. It is a visual symbol of the pollinators’ role in feeding the planet and the challenges facing bees today. ” (source: kew.org) I genuinely love the concept of this thought provoking yet visual representation… which by chance happens to be layered.


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