'Wicked' The Musical

One of my all time favourite things to do is to go see a play or musical whenever the opportunity arises – which of course includes ‘Wicked’ back in April. For anyone that may not know, ‘Wicked’ follows ‘the untold story of the witches of Oz.’


Thank Goodness Its Friday | End of Week Catch up…

This is the very first second I’ve had all week to sit down for a minute with a cup of tea and even contemplate the possibility of writing. It has been non-stop. Now that I have the chance to write about something I’m not even sure where to start (just my luck!) I do however feel like trying something slightly different – I’m currently sat here with my tea thinking about something I’d share from this week and honestly the most random trivia/ and also some nonsense came to my head, but you know what? That’s what my week has kind of been like and so if you were to ask me about the last 7 days I’d tell you these 5 things:


~ A Letter to September ~

One’s time, like a constellation, Burns bright.
We walk through your Golden Gardens, Once, twice,
Hints of Autumn air consume from great heights.
Together. Against the rain turned to Ice.
Though it yields; there’s still blue skies and starred nights.
Like a habit my reflection blinks back:
Now known, your essence, the song will ne’er lack.


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