Thank Goodness Its Friday | End of Week Catch up…

Thank Goodness Its Friday | End of Week Catch up…

This is the very first second I’ve had all week to sit down for a minute with a cup of tea and even contemplate the possibility of writing. It has been non-stop. Now that I have the chance to write about something I’m not even sure where to start (just my luck!) I do however feel like trying something slightly different – I’m currently sat here with my tea thinking about something I’d share from this week and honestly the most random trivia/ and also some nonsense came to my head, but you know what? That’s what my week has kind of been like and so if you were to ask me about the last 7 days I’d tell you these 5 things:

  1. Firstly – I’ve learnt that ‘abs of steel’ sadly do not happen over night, but rather over a series of, most likely months, of not being able to laugh without it aching. But a good kind of ache that I’m starting to think I don’t really mind all that much anymore.

2. Secondly, that it is surprisingly easy for someone to take someone else’s shoe and hide it without them noticing – note to self, be weary of removing your own shoes from now on…
3. This one really freaked me out, I was in the car on Sunday coming back from my brother’s (I wasn’t driving, don’t worry.) and I looked up at the Moon and I realised I couldn’t remember the last time I looked at the Moon, really looked at it and actually noticed it, ya’ know? Which is a shame because its beautiful and we can actually admire it, unlike the Sun. I had altogether forgotten that it changes shape – it had been so long since I looked up. It really scared me that we can live life in such a blur that we can forget to even look around us properly. When was the last time you took a moment to look up at the night sky? Were there stars? Do you remember?
4. I don’t say what I’m thinking, when I should. For example, if I think someone has really nice hair I’ll think it but will only half of the time, actually say it which is annoying. I’ve learnt recently that it means more to someone if you complimented them on something they can change as opposed to something they cant – such as if you were to say ‘I really like your hair’ (or something similar) it wont mean as much to them as that’s mostly down to their genes; they have no control over it in comparison to something such as ‘Oooo the cake you made is amazing!’  (sorry I genuinely cant think of better examples at the moment!) It would apparently mean more to them as, it is something they have worked on it has the potential to have been different to how it is. So, now that I know this I am going to try and make a conscious effort to tell someone a genuine compliment to their face rather than just thinking it, as there’s nothing wrong with spreading a little positivity!

5.  Finally, in a class this week we were doing some character work and it made me really think. So, there was this exercise we were doing where we had to answer if ‘such and such a person were a colour, car, holiday, shoe, ice cream, month, food, weather, ECT. What would they be?’ Apparently, if I were a radio station I’d be BBC Radio 2, no idea why, but there go, in case you ever wondered, you know as people so often wonder what kind of radios people are… Anyway I found it really interesting! So, I now have this to ask of you, if you were a Season which do you think you’d be and why? (you don’t have to like it personally it doesn’t have to be your favourite, it’s just what you feel best reflects you.) I f you were to ask someone who knows you well, would they have a different answer?

If we were sat down having a cup of tea right this second and I ask you ‘what’s something that really made you think this week?’ What would be the very first thing that springs to mind?
Hope you have a great weekend, gosh am I glad its the weekend!
Britt x


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