Tea Tasting Tuesdays ~ Afternoon Tea

Happy Tea Tuesday!
I have been spending all evening writing letters and learning lines and so by it’s very nature it demands a cup of tea as accompaniment! I thought I might as well take a moment to write about it as I take a break, since I decided to try a tea I haven’t gotten around to yet.
So, today I went for the ‘Afternoon Tea’ which is a fairly well known one, but I hadn’t tried it before; I thought why not give it a go? Aannnndd it’s from my Alice in Wonderland set which I’m utterly in love with!

” Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast”
Lewis Carol ~ ‘Alice in Wonderland.’

I really like this tea, I might need to add more leaves to it next time though, I always find that with lose leaf teas its very trial and error. I don’t know why I haven’t tried it before now… it also goes really well with this flapjack my college Chaplain made for us today. (Because she’s lovely.) I’m not entirely sure what’s in it, there’s some seeds and healthy stuff that’s good for energy levels for dance class. Wow. “Seeds and stuff” I’m really specific aha! Only – I don’t have tap class because I cant do tap so, I just get to enjoy the flapjack with tea instead 🙂
(On a side note I was wondering whether to try some baking posts – I think it might be quite fun – I promise I would be way, way more detailed if I did! Let me know what you think?)


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