Favourite Books of 2017

Hello all and happy New Years Eve! I have really enjoyed writing about my favourite books – I’ve no idea why I haven’t thought to do it sooner! So, without further ado, here are my top 10 favourite books I’ve read over the last 365 days and why! (Excluding plays.) Not all these books were published in 2017 but it was at least my first time reading them through this year


TravelBook: 96 hours in Krakow

Just before Christmas last year I went with my old school to Krakow as apart of my Philosophy and Ethics A – level and I have rather conflicting views about the whole experience which I felt warranted a post. Naturally however, I think this can be expected from emotionally demanding journeys and on that note I feel that it is only fair that I warn you now before I delve in to it, that elements of content in this post may be of a delicate nature so, please only continue if you feel comfortable to do so. Also in to regard to this I ask that any contribution to the comment section of this post is to remain respectful. {Not that I have any doubt that it won’t be. So thank you in advance for understanding.}


Let's Bake: Gingerbread People!

Gingerbread is one my favourite things to make but for some reason I feel like I’m cheating on Christmas if I make them any other time of the year. So, I always try to make sure I try to make some come December. I made them for my brother as he loves gingerbread but then I forgot to actually give them to him!
And I even used a recipe this time!

Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Rounded

I took this photo in the Summer of 2015. My family had decided to go travelling: as both my brothers and I had an extended Summer due to having finished our exams.
If you decide to do this week’s challenge also, let me know; I’d love to see all your amazing photos!


Let's Bake: Mocha Muffins

Hello Everyone!
This is my very first baking post so I’m just going to see where this goes!
Now, I love baking but I haven’t had the chance to make anything in quite some time. It was my friends birthday a couple of weeks ago and so I grabbed that excuse with both hands! You should probably know however, that I have a tendency not to use recipes… Which honestly isn’t the best idea but, it usually ends up that way even when I intend to use one!