~ A Letter To October ~

~ A Letter To October ~

Hi Everyone!
Normally, I write some kind of poem from whatever has happened in the last 30 days. I’m not going to do that for October though. Firstly, because I’m quite behind with it – I’m sure you’re aware that it is in fact no longer October… Opps… my mistake.
Instead I’m going to do a kind of monthly wrap up but, i’m not 100% sure how this is going to turn out. This is a very spur of the moment thing, rather than preferably having the a month’s worth of thought. I will get back on track when my work load settles down, I miss writing so much at the moment!
As a sort of way of saying goodbye for a while ( as my friends have moved to various parts of the country for University) one of them made each of us a cute jar, titled with a word or phrase we happen to say regularly.
IMG-4123 [33273460]

IMG-4127 [33273461]

There was also some other things in the jar and notes but they’re fairly personal so it’s unnecessary to share it all, but it made me cry (happy tears, which rarely ever happens!) My word is ‘literally’ and I’m not going to deny it – I have a habit of saying it quite a lot. It’s something I get brought up on now, every time I do. I’ve noticed my mum says it quite a bit too so, I think I could have just picked it up from her! Ethier way I’d never noticed it before…

My Dad usually lives in Brazil but he comes over to visit, which is great! I went with him to see some other family and we went for a walk along the canal before going for dinner, It wasn’t until then that I realised how cold it had started to get. We also tried to meet for breakfast before he had to fly back, but the only place that was open at the time was McDonalds which isn’t always the best plan before a 9:00 am Body Conditioning class…
In October I also went to see a friend from college in a show before seeing a teacher in their one man show as well. I’m not going to lie it was an absolute nightmare trying to get there on time, it was worth it but very stressful; it started at 7pm and our last class that day finished at 5:25. We tried to get a bus to the station as it was to far to walk, but it went a different route to usual so – we missed the first train and then the second one by seconds! It’s fair to say that myself and public transport were not friends that day! That being said  however, the show was utterly amazing!
On the 19th of October I had a college trip to see ‘Saint George and the Dragon’ and also a backstage tour of the National Theatre which was interesting. It included a sneak peek of the set design for productions such as ‘Pinocchio’ and ‘The Network’ which are currently showing and it made me really want to go see them!
Now, of course any trip to the national automatically warrants a little time looking for new plays at their bookshop and the prologue of the play on the right caught my eye. I really don’t feel the need to explain my love of quotes anymore…
IMG-4656 [33273490]

I know that this is a very brief overview, but its just somewhere to break through the wall and start writing again. Despite it being December I hope you all had a wonderful October! 🙂



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