~ A Letter to November ~

So, it seems I may have messed my quote challenge up a little… or a lot. As Christmas music started playing in my first class last Friday morning, I realised that really cant keep putting this off! Despite not having done 30 consecutive days I’m still pretty pleased that I managed about half before the plan went completely out the window. I’m not 100% sure where it went wrong, I had my quote posts scheduled. They didn’t post and put simply I haven’t had a chance to sort it yet. I will over the next few weeks or so. For now however, I just feel like writing a little bit about the last month in a slightly different format to my usual ‘letter’s to’ series.
This is my month overview in a drawing. Its not the best ( Despite how much I wish I were I am not by any means a drawer at heart!) I really felt like making something – so it’ll have to do for now.

A wonderful friend of mine messaged me asking if I wanted to go and see a musical a few weeks back. Automatically, my response was YES  (admittedly without having even checked which one first.) As a consequence of a trip between two theatre lovers to Piccadilly Circus a visit… or two to the Theatre Cafè was mandatory. Especially, since she had never been before and I do rave about it rather all lot! Besides it never disappoints!
We decided on ‘The Book of Mormon’ as neither of us had seen it and everyone we know who has, has nothing but praise. And rightly so. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I still cant get the soundtrack out my head – even now.

It was just ahhh, we were blown away by the performances of the entire cast!
As we were sat patiently waiting out intermission, I mentioned how it would have been great to have booked another show to see that evening (as a two show day had always been something on my bucket list and saving on train fare as we were already there is always a plus.) She completely agreed and we went and got some tickets to see a play rather than a musical, to even it out… They also gave us vouchers for a free drink and cake from the Theatre Café – so of course we had to go back before going to seeing Agatha Christie’s ‘The Mousetrap’ I’m realising now, that I might want to write a little more about this day in particular when I have the chance I’ll add a link here somewhere.
November in particular was all go as it was my birthday, I had my first audition of the season and I also went to see ‘Follies’ live from the National Theatre at the cinema with a friend. It was incredible and totally worth the mad dash from ballet to get there on time. I’ve never gone to see anything at the cinema before (which is recorded live) of course it’s not the same. I sat there completely befuddled by which etiquette to use. I mean, do you still applaud in a cinema if it’s a live performance? I have absolutely no idea and everyone else appeared a little torn also. Either way, I think it’s a really great idea that makes theatre more accessible!
And that is a brief overview of my November.
I know it’s not anymore, but I still hope you all had a wonderful month!


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