Blogmas Week 1

Blogmas Week 1

Heyyy Everyone!
If you know me you’ll know I’m not always too consistent with my post so, an everyday thing is out of the question this month – especially since I have all my assessments before Christmas! Although, I do want to chat a little bit about Christmas to get in to the festive mood. I always find that I never feel Christmassy until just before and then it sort feels like it’s gone before I’ve even had the chance to blink.
I spent last weekend watching some Christmas movies, ones I watch every year. Including one of my all time favourites: ‘Miracle on 34th Street.’ Every time I see it, it instantly reminds me of Christmas ( which is funny, I mean, who would of thought that a Christmas movie could do that eh!?)

giphy (8)

Literally me, when my Mum asks In August if I’m watching this film already…

Trouble is that despite the fact that it was December 1st, it really made me want to bake gingerbread people, make hot chocolate and start putting up decorations, but we don’t put any decorations up until quite late usually.
I also visited some family which is always lovely and I contented myself with the fact they had already broken out every Christmas decoration under the sun – it was marvellously festive!

I eventually got around to baking some Gingerbread people Yesterday. I’ll put a link here to the recipe I used when I write it up later. It took me way longer than it should have and you’ll be proud that I genuinely attempted to use a recipe this time… although it didn’t really work out exactly how I was hoping so I had to improvise a little – but the intention was there nonetheless!
I’m definitely feeling a little more festive than I was at the start of the week and we were able to start decorating the Greenroom at college the other day! I opened the door to find someone had accidently made themselves into a DIY Christmas Jumper by adorning themselves with some lights. Whatever your week has bought you, Christmas vibes or otherwise I hope it has been FabOuLouS!
Xx – Britt


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