Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Rounded

Happy Tuesday everyone!
As always for more details and to see other entries for this week head on over to: Rounded – The Daily Post
The brief is as follows:
“Goodbye, straight lines. Hello, curves.”


  1. having a smooth, curved surface.

having a spherical shape/ forming circular or elliptical shapes.
2. well developed in all aspects; complete and balanced.

ncs 943
Cannes – 2015.

I took this photo in the Summer of 2015. My family had decided to go travelling: as both my brothers and I had an extended Summer due to having finished our exams. We’d taken the tunnel over to France and drove to the Gorge Du Verdon (A beautiful clifftop area with metres and meters of crystal clear blue water.) Before driving down to St Tropez. We stayed there for two weeks, within which we took two day trips to Italy and Monaco. We had wanted to go and see the Castle there in Monaco – but it just so happened to be shut that day, as Robbie Williams was giving the Prince a private concert! We then travelled through Cannes – where this photograph was taken. Before continuing through: The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. I think its mainly the shape of the landscape and the height from which it was taken that drew me to this particular picture for this week!
If you decide to do this week’s challenge also, let me know; I’d love to see all your amazing photos!

Xx – Britt


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