Blogmas Week 2

Blogmas Week 2

I’m a little late with this as everything was about assessments in the lead up to Christmas!
The second week of blogmas was however very exciting as it snowed! The first time I can remember in snowing in December in my lifetime. If it ever snows its usually in February!
My brother invited me to a Christmas Carol Service by Buckingham Palace, which was lovely and not that this was his sole reason, nor am I actually certain that this even crossed his mind but my brother and I are pretty much the only members of our family that don’t mind singing in public… which is, y’know kind of useful when it comes to carol services.
I dearly underestimated the travel delays due to the snow, even though I had checked the trains and left an hour to spare just in case! We were late. With up to 20 minutes at the bus station, 40 on the platform and almost another 20 for a Tube in the right direction, it was a little bit stressful. It was worth it though to accompany my brother and the service was amazing and left me feeling rather festive!
At college we had our Christmas party as the week just before Christmas was entirely packed with assessments. Now in a Performing Arts College, you should expect some stagey-ness!

It was fun to decorate the Green room and I found it particularly amusing that someone had to improvise with the mistletoe… We also had musical (ballet) statues and a ‘fouette off.’ Wherein, you had to fouette for the entirety of a Christmas song and then finish in first position. (Not that I did this as it is definitely not something my balance permits at the moment – but it was still fun to watch.) All of these competitions were of course judged by Santa and only made more difficult with Bertie the dog running in between them. The morning was delightfully filled with festive cheer, finishing with our secret Santa and decorating our college tree together.
At the end of the week I had the chance to catch up with some of my friends from Sixth-form and we went for cocktails as, it was the only the first chance I’d had to see them since my birthday last month and it was also the only time I was going to be able to see them before Christmas! Even though I was a little late I was still the first one there – it seems we are collectively not the best at time keeping and so I walked around for a bit to see all the Christmas lights as we didn’t up put any decorations up at home until 3 days before Christmas in the end!
Aaaannd that’s a wrap on my second week of blogmas! I can undoubtedly say that December is one of my favourite months as it means I get the chance to see all my family.
What’s your favourite thing about the run up to the Holidays?
Britt x


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