TravelBook: 96 hours in Krakow

Just before Christmas last year I went with my old school to Krakow as apart of my Philosophy and Ethics A – level and I have rather conflicting views about the whole experience which I felt warranted a post. Naturally however, I think this can be expected from emotionally demanding journeys and on that note I feel that it is only fair that I warn you now before I delve in to it, that elements of content in this post may be of a delicate nature so, please only continue if you feel comfortable to do so. Also, in to regard to this I ask that any contribution to the comment section of this post to remain respectful. {Not that I have any doubt that it won’t be. So thank you in advance for understanding.}

Wawel Royal Castle and Cathedral: it was beautiful and freezing but they had the most amazing Hot Chocolate!

During our visit to Krakow we saw the salt mines, went to Auschwitz and also had a talk with a survivor. While this has had a great impact on my view of history – we also got to experience some of Poland and their Culture during our spare moments which was something I’d known nothing about at the time. We also had a guided tour of the city and visited Wawel Royal Castle and Cathedral.

The Christmas tree in the hotel lobby was decorated with oranges! I know that this isn’t as uncommon as I think, but It was the first time I’d seen it in real life.

While we toured the town we also tried a local cuisine: pierogi, which is like a kind of either sweet or savoury dumpling. There were mixed reviews among the group, but the majority including myself, loved them. I just felt sorry for the restaurant who were not expecting 30 – odd orders of it at once!
This Photo was taken in the salt mines, where they have a cathedral at the bottom. Everything is entirely carved from salt including this chandelier and an engraving of ‘the last super’ on the wall but, your not allowed to photograph it for preservation reasons! It is stunning in there! They have a lake also, although I cant remember how deep it delves. It was strange at first to see people licking the walls but I got used to the idea pretty quickly!

Krakow Christmas Market. Which was beautiful and unlike any other Christmas market I have ever been to!

Out of respect I personally didn’t feel comfortable taking any pictures while visiting Auschwitz. There is nothing I can write that will truly encapsulate all the emotions we went though that day. Nor can I fully describe it. All I can say with certainty is that I don’t regret going as, I feel that every element of History from any point of time is important.
And there we have it a very brief overview of the 96 hours I spent in Poland last year! (I just cant believe that it was a year ago already!)


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