Blogmas Week 3

Blogmas Week 3

Seasons Greetings & welcome to my third and final week of Blogmas!
The week leading up to Christmas was truly crazy: I had full scale performance assessments in Stanislavski, Brecht, British & Classical Theatre along with various other assessments at college throughout the week. Although it was busy – it was by no means an excuse not to be Christmassy!
It started with Carol – oke at my College, which happens to be in a church so it was the whole community and it was really lovely. (The pervious week’s carol service definitely came in handy otherwise I wouldn’t have remembered half the carols!)
IMG-5197The rest of the week  was a mad dash between performances set in the 1600’s, 1925, 1997 and 2017. My friend Lucy took this candid shot of me discussing the Brechtian techniques in one of our pieces, without me realising. It was genuinely one of the only moments of down – time that day! The week concluded with our British theatre performances which were so much fun! I didn’t realise until this week how much I’d missed doing my make – up as I don’t wear any at college but as a character I can.

I then had work at the weekend but got to spend Christmas eve visiting one of my brothers. My sister- in-law made this amazing ginger and chocolate cake! They also, like myself, are tea lovers and have a whole cupboard full, so I tried a new white cocoa tea from T2 which I fully recommend! My other brother stayed for the weekend and we binged – watched up until Season 3 of ‘The Walking Dead’ (hmm, not very festive, I know!)
I finished the week before Christmas with a meal with my friends from sixth – form and we exchanged our secret Santa’s. I got my friend, who loves make-up a couple of Spectrum Collections brushes. (Which were really pretty as the bristle part was sort of dip dyed purple and blue – I’m fond of them because they are vegan and cruelty free!) While one  of wonderful friends got me a tin that says “Emergency tea bags *panic if empty” to keep in my bag for college – which is utterly adorable and perfect! And some socks with oranges on because I hate oranges, which was quite amusing! (You know how in group chats you can choose what the conversation is called?) Well my friend Claire named ours ‘Oranges’ a few years back and when I asked why, she said “because we all love them!” And to be fair at the time I’d never met a group of people who all coincidently ate oranges pretty much everyday, when we were in school. Except for myself, that is. I cant stand them and there’s a whole story as to why but that’s for another time! They of course know this, but had forgotten so, now ironically all our chats are entitled “oranges” probably for the rest of time and I honestly love it!
I hope you have all had an amazing holiday period whether you do or don’t celebrate Christmas! But for now I can’t wait for a whole new year of blogging ahead!
Merry Blogmas! <3
Britt x


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