Instagram Best 9 2017

Instagram Best 9 2017

I thought this might be fun to try as Instagram is one of my favourite social media platforms; I love photography. So, as 2017 comes to a close – here is a look at my best 9 of 2017 and the captions that they had. I’m going to apologise now as some of my captions are rather long – they used to be my only space to write at the beginning of the year, before I started a blog! So it’s either an essay or a sentence and not much in between…
Now this is my official best 9 according to Instagram but, I also want to cover what I feel the best were for the year at some point.
instagram best 9 - lamda
“Well this happened. I can’t believe I’m actually done! Not gonna lie the perfectionist in me is going cRaZY at those 4 marks off a distinction BUT then I remembered that, that’s not what counts! Going from nothing to grade 8 in just under 2 years with A-Levels, an A2 performance that was supposed to be just 3 days earlier, a production of ‘Hospital Food’ & Auditions it has been pretty, erm, intense but I would not change a single thing about any of it; I got to spend those two years learning the things I love 💜 it was FuN & I got to spend every week with sunning people who I am extremely grateful to for all of these amazing opportunities!! Especially to Scott and all the wonderousness ( yes that is a new word…) that is @berzerk_productions__ { I am however, going to miss hearing the wonderful MT lot belting at the top of their lungs every week immensely…☺️😢🎶} P.S. there was just no way to write this without it being a little cringey. With it being my last term & all I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. ((You’ll just have to deal with it… sorry))
#lamdaexams #berzerkproductions #lamda #drama #2years #thathappened #grade8 #acting #estatic #nostalgic #lamdadrama #lastterm #hopeful #tuesdaysarethebest #inspired #whatsnext #happy #dramaisessential #goingtomissthis #itsdone #learntsomethingnew #theatre”
“Loving my new Headshots, thanks to the stunningly talented @alishialove 💜 #alishialoveheadshots”
“That was the best show I’ve ever seen” = my Dad tonight at his first time seeing ‘Wicked’ ~ well I couldn’t be prouder!! It was, as always, Wickedly stunning (yes the pun was intended, no I’m not ashamed) when I was 10 ‘Wicked’ was the first professional production I had ever gone to see and it opened my eyes and heart (of which it will always have a place in) to the world of theatre: all its potential and possibly ( not just musicals.) I feel like my 10 year old self found a piece her soul in the theatre that day and since then I have never found anywhere that I feel happier or more connected to. Without ‘Wicked’ I would like to think I still would have found my way to theatre but it might have taken a while longer… Regardless I can honestly say that it has changed my life #forgood 🎭🎵💐🎟
#wickedthemusical #theatre #apollovictoriatheatre #posttheatreblues #theuntoldstoryofthewitchesofoz #wickeduk #pinkgoesgoodwithgreen #elphabathropp #glindaupland #defygravity #somethingsicannotchangebuttillitryillneverknow”
#liveforthestory Music helps me. It really does. To stay steady & true to who I am & that’s never really been a secret. I can’t remember a time in my life without it, from Recorder & Choir in Primary, Violin, until my teacher moved country when I was 11, to the six years of subsequent Singing lessons and while that sounds like a mess, it was never anywhere near as messy as my life ever became without it. Without that outlet for creativity (no matter how screechy my 7-year-old self was; driving my family crazy with the Violin!) The start of Sixth-Form was a really difficult time for me. And that’s OK. On a particularly bad day that year, I decided that I needed to do something, anything, no matter how trivial which would make me happy. And so I did. My FAVOURITE song is Bach’s Prelude Suite 1 for unaccompanied Cello. I concluded that day, that this would be something I could find Joy in. Resolving to learn how to play this magnificent piece. (Which I’m still working on and will be doing so for a very. VERY. Long time.) Due to various reasons, I didnt manage to even rent a Cello for another six months or so. Which I’m not gonna lie, presented quite a few challenges to my new plan. But even more so were the problems I came across in being unable to start lessons for another 4 months. I only managed to have ONE lesson. Starting again 6 months after that. Not knowing at the time how long it would be, I tried to learn the basics, which of course only led to utter terror – hoping desperately that I wouldn’t accidently pick up a thousand bad habits.
After an eternity, I started lessons. Properly. I have to say that it was amazing & I didn’t care in the slightest, that the sound I was making was completely horrendous at the time; I was finally, finally doing something & it felt great. So whenever I get frustrated that I just can’t get a certain, Slur or Bar or piece down, I remind myself of this day. The day that I went & did something to change how I was feeling. The day I decided to pursue something I’ve always wanted to do. The day I went in to the Music store (in the pouring rain I might add) & got my 1st Cello 🎶@doddleoddle @canonuk
🙌🏻🎉{Last night} 🦋💛#ididntblinkforonce #18th”
“First full week at READ done! Its been tough (and my muscles currently hate me for underestimating Body Con. 😅) but I cant wait for a whole year’s worth of even crazier weeks with you all! 🎭#endlesshastagsandnowIcantthinkofone…
#firstweek #foundationyear”
“Meeting @carriehopefletcher with becky today was amazing – CAN’T WAIT to read ‘All That She Can See!’
#booksigning #allthatshecansee #waterstones #hopefuls #booktour”
(Of all the photos to be blurry this year it had to be this one…)
“Yr13 Stand Down Day
Zoo Keepers & Lost

(This one I feel needs a slight explanation… at my old school, the sixth form can wear fancy dress on their last day and we had no idea what to go as! One of my friends had an elephant costume and so we decided to go as zoo keepers as she wanted to wear it – despite it being the middle of Summer!)
Off to @nationaltheatre for backstage tour and show at Olivier!
Thank you @readcollege for such a wonderful day! #stgeorgeandthedragon”


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