Favourite Books of 2017

Hello all and happy New Years Eve! I have really enjoyed writing about my favourite books – I’ve no idea why I haven’t thought to do it sooner! So, without further ado, here are my top 10 favourite books I’ve read over the last 365 days and why! (Excluding plays.) Not all these books were published in 2017 but it was at least my first time reading them through this year.
*On a side note I’ve realised while doing this that most of these books seem rather ambiguous/mysterious and if i’m entirely honest they are in part, but I feel like the fact that I’m purposely trying not to give too many details away; in case they happen to be on anyone’s reading list ( which if they’re not…maybe they should be?) Aha, no I’m just kidding, read what you will but I definitely recommend these! Sidetracked, sidetracked OKAY, maybe that contributes to the majority seeming to have plots where everything is not as it appears to be. I do read other genres. I swear. Then again maybe I just haven’t realised before now that there seems to be a re-occurring theme among my favourite books, loosely re-occurring or downright obvious… I don’t know… Its got me thinking though, I don’t think I have a favourite genre. When I head in to a bookstore I walk straight to the Fiction section but that’s it. Even then I think that’s just the story-teller in me saying ‘yes this is the right place to be.’ Alright, enough rambling now and let’s get into it! If you have a favourite genre though and maybe even know what it is aha I would love to know? Or, maybe even there are some people out there, somewhere, like myself you have no clue at all!*
In no particular order my top 10 this year included:

<3 ‘Outlander’ by Diana Gabaldon <3

I don’t even know where to start with this book, I love it so much I’m not sure I could do it justice here so, I was going to start with the blurb instead: but I never read blurbs from books I want to read as I still feel like they give more away than I want them to. So, I’ll just have to explain its themes briefly. It’s set in the Scottish Highlands, it involves mystical time travel that allows for great twists and dramatic Irony. Claire Randall the protagonist must learn how to live two very different lives in 1946 and 1743… and I don’t feel like saying anything else as I’ll end up in a never – ending tangent until I’ve spilt the beans on every minute detail of every page. Which wouldn’t be fair. So, you’ll just have to give it a read and let me know what you thing? I know it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it just so happens to be a mixture of various genres I love. Which is why the second book in the series is currently first on my reading list for 2018!

*EDIT: it is also a TV series – which is also incredible if I do say so myself!*

<3 ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ by Margaret Atwood <3

I think a friend of mine is currently borrowing my copy of handmaid’s and so I cant take a better picture of it at the moment…

I first read this book as apart of a reading list for English Lit and it was easily my favourite of them. Normally for me, I find that any novels studied in a class setting, are slightly difficult to get along with; reading maybe, a chapter a week breaks up the narrative, to such an extent that it becomes almost impossible to be absorbed by the story and it’s characters in the same way, I always prefer to read in my own time. A previous English teacher of mine would always recommend this book and so in an attempt to stop this from reoccurring, at all costs, I went to Waterstones and spent the next two days continuously reading this book. I could not put it down.
As always I won’t divulge too much information regarding the plot. I fully recommend reading if you haven’t. Or even if you have, re-reading is always an option… just saying.
Atwood argues that it is not sci-fi but dystopian which only draws on things from the real world but that are taken to their natural and extreme conclusions.

*Edit: Now also a TV Series, I feel a theme might be developing here *

<3 ‘The Minaturist’ by Jessie Burton <3

Just to clarify this is in regard to the book only and not the two part drama that premiered on boxing-day – it’s just weird timing as I read this near the beginning of the year after my sister- in – Law recommended it to me.
It’s set in Amsterdam 1686 the protagonist Nella Oortman  is set to be married to Johannes Brandt – a wealthy merchant. As a wedding gift he gives her a cabinet replica of their house – which is to be furnished as she pleases by the miniaturist. But the house she has come to, has secrets of its own which she is yet to discover and all is not quite how it appears at first glance.

<3 ‘Rebecca’ by Daphne du Maurier <3

Rebecca is about a girl who is given no name. She marries Maxim de Winter and moves with him to his estate ‘Manderley.’ She knows that his previous wife  Rebecca died in a tragic accident at sea… or so everyone thought…

 <3 ‘Me Before You’ by JoJo Moyes <3

Right ok, Fair Warning Now: This book made me cry and I mean actually, properly, ugly cry, happy, sad the whole mix. I read it in a day and had to stop a few times from not being able to see through the tears. Its predominately about, love, life, family but I cant say much more without spoilers.

 <3 ‘The Shadow Hour’ by Kate Riordan <3

Harriet moves to Fenix House as the new governess after they experience a tragedy. Fifty years later her grand-daughter Grace has lived with her Grandmother’s stories throughout her childhood and becomes the new governess of that same Household, but its now unlike the stories her Grandmother once told her. The tag line is as follows “It was in the shadow hours of deepest night that this tapestry of lies fell to rags.”

<3 ‘If I Stay’ by Gayle Foreman <3

There is also a sequel ‘Where she went’ from the male protagonist’s view.

This book is about, Mia Hall her life, loss, music, family, love and how one decision or choice can alter the course of her life forever. It’s stunningly beautiful and one I’ll definitely be going back to.

 <3 ‘The Kite Runner’ by Khaled Hosseini <3

Explores the themes of friendship, redemption, guilt, religion, betrayal, inequality under social and political protest writing. I have so much to discuss about this book that there is just no way I can write it all here. In brief its a coming of age story for Amir (the main character.)

  <3 ‘On The Other Side’ by Carrie Hope Fletcher <3

This book it beautifully brimming with magical realism and romance… and subsequently the life lead by Evie Snow.
A quote from the inside sleeve sums it up perfectly without giving too much away: “your soul is too heavy to pass through this door; Leave the weight of the world in the world from before.”

& last but not least: <3 ‘A Game of Thrones’ by George R.R. Martin <3

Now I know I’m late to the party with this one but I got the box set for Christmas last year and so it’s taken me a while to catch up!


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