Bullet Journaling for the New Year

I’ve tried before and failed. But not this year – I simply refuse! I need to become a more organised person and I feel like this could be a step in the right direction… I feel like my problem with it in the past was that I have a tendency to let my creativity run away with me a little and I always tried to make every page really pretty and I the perfectionist in me just didn’t allow for that sheer quantity of up-keep! So, for now at least i’m going to keep things simple!
If you have never heard of bullet journaling before and have no clue what I’m rambling about I’ll give a brief explanation below and also link the bullet journaling website here if you would like more in-depth details.
A bullet journal can essentially be whatever you need it to be: a check list, diary, journal, notebook or sketchbook. Personally, mine is predominately a check list.
All you need to start is a notebook and a pen…
This is my bullet journal for 2018 and both the pen and notebook were actually a Christmas present from my brother and sister-in-law so I’m not entirely sure where they’re from.
The first page I usually leave blank to come back to later and write whatever my favourite quote is at the time to start the year off, but I forgot to do that this time and it kinda goes against keeping things less detailed! So, usually you leave a couple of pages blank at the front which will become the index for your journal and then just write in the pages as you go. I will have a check list for everyday tiltled by month in the index and then every now and then if there is some I need like a copy of my audition schedule – I would need to take a double page spread, draw in the timetable, then add the pages to the index. it doesn’t matter if for example its in the middle of January and I decide I need to take a detour. I would just write by: ‘January pages 5 – 11’ for instance then ‘Audition Schedule pages 12-13’ and then ‘January pages 14 – 31’ or whatever it turns out to be. I completely fell in love when I first discovered the bullet journal as, it really is whatever you need it to be, you can write in appointments, recipes, ideas, lyrics, sketches anything! I see it as an organised hard copy of all the things that wonder around my head, which I end up forgetting mostof the time!
Now, when I say mine is mostly a series of check lists, you may be wondering ‘why not just continue that on any scrap of paper, like usual?’ Well, I’ll tell you, it is no ordinary checklist. No…
Here are my pages from the 7th and 8th of January as an example. (As you can see I’m running a little behind today!) I prefer to take a whole page per day but I have a feeling that this notebook won’t last me the whole year if I do that this time. Bullet Journals have keys. You just make up a key that suits you and you can make it as complex as you like but I recommend starting off with the basics otherwise it’s tricky to remember it all – which is just counter – productive!
All bullet journals have bullet points for the things you need to do, once you have completed said thing, you draw through the point to make a cross. If you have not completed something for that day – you make the point in to an arrow to remind you to add it to the next day’s list. Personally, if its something that still needs to be done but not necessarily for tomorrow then I put a double arrow next to it and if it has become irrelevant then you can strike it through. As for anything extra I put a star in the margin so I know to try and focus on those things first. However, you can then add any number of things in the margin like a phone, for a call you need to make, a lightbulb for an idea to work on, an explanation point or birthday cake. Anything, as long as it makes sense to you and helps with clarity rather than hinders it!
Finally, decorate it in whatever way you wish, I like to make a title page for the start of each month and just remember to add the date and page numbers for easier reference! If you’re trying to find a way to re-organise, I recommend this and let me know if you decide to give it a go?! I honestly cant say how long I’ll manage to keep it up but you’ve got to start somewhere right?
Bye for now and happy journaling!
Britt x


2 thoughts on “Bullet Journaling for the New Year”

  1. Cool post! I love the idea of bullet journals. Creating your own method of organisation is definitely way superior to any predefined planner. One of the issues I’ve had is comparing my messy pages to the picture perfect ones I see on Instagram… Guess it’s a bad habit. Anyway, enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing, and good luck. Hope you keep it up!


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