‘Day-Dreamer’ A Poem

To the daydreamer whose never caught with their eyes closed, because you know that’s not the way to catch a dream – no.
The word no, is not one you know, when it knocks & slides under the door you smile when it finally looks up to meet your eyes. No more cowering from your dreams, they are not awashed with sin.
Look up at the stars they’re there for a reason, you cant please them. Look up, the moon is never the same twice and neither are you. The voice in your head that says “please don’t give in” Not now, Not now, Not now: not yet.
You tried to lie to yourself, because you can’t listen, listen anymore to the sound your heart makes – that ache. When the tendrils of hope intertwine so deep its dark… you might break. Stop. Breathe.
Do what you do & day dream – Go head, it whispers “I know its tempting.” Tether the rope to something, to me, to find the way back. Ignore a world that criticises you for all that you lack. We are not puzzles, we do not fit together nicely, I say, we are not a pretty façade on the outside that’s ruined so rifley. We are our courage, we are our kindness & we are our ****ing fearlessness.
Day-dreamers its you: you that will take that step, off the cliff into the abyss. It maybe deep & daunting & downright reckless. But that’s it, isn’t it? The risk, the impulse, the adrenaline coursing through our veins like the first sip of morning coffee, that keeps us asking “what if?”
You can glance through a rain soaked window and see more than you ever have before. Be brave, be bold, be a dreamer. Cos baby, you only get one shot, so shoot for the sky & their sliver linings – they maybe hiding.
So in a world with nightmares; dream in the day. There’s beauty to be found in the temporary, the temperamental, in the falling of leaves & rain trodden skies because today is your day & maybe just maybe you’ll catch a fellow dreamer, with their eyes open on the way.


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