Theatre Week: ‘The Addams Family’ A Comedy Musical

Back in January 2017 I got tickets for ‘The Addams Family’ for my sister – in – law’s birthday, as something we could all do together because  I don’t see them very often. In my unusual preparedness I had to keep this a secret for a whole 4 months – until her birthday. I decided it was going to be ok though; it would be worth it. Only, it turned out to be the end of June before I saw her. That’s a record breaking silence for me, especially  regarding a musical.  RECORD BREAKING! We both really like Carrie Hope Fletcher as an actress and author, which helped to narrow down the choices tremendously. Honestly, I’m terrible at picking a show to see, I can never decide as there’s just no way to see them all, so I feel like every choice has GOT to count!


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