Theatre Week: ‘Othello’

Theatre Week: ‘Othello’

Ooooo, I loved this play, I may be slightly biased as I studied it for A2 Literature and I’m also a self confessed drama nerd… but I loved it nonetheless! This production was directed by Ellen McDougall, and took on a slight modern approach – With an actress (Joanna Horton) playing the role of Cassio and a few unexpected musical interludes of a gospel -ish take on Katy Perry. Unfortunatley, this run ended last year but it looks like  a different production of  ‘Othello’ at The Globe is set for this Summer (with a “midnight matinee performance”) on the 14th of September.

If anyone is unsure of the plot, in brief it focuses on the love of Desdemona and Othello and the antagonist Iago who vows to destroy Othello, believing he should have been promoted over him. (Really brief, I could go on forever about this play if I had the chance!) It involves the themes of jealousy, love, racism, sexism, prejudice, war and identity. Hands down my favourite Shakespearian tragedy!


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