Updating The Blog & Discussing: Writing ‘Worthwhile’ Content

Hello welcome! If you’re new to my blog, come on in, make a cup of tea and take a look around and if you’ve been here a while, well, you may have noticed some changes… I decided it was time for a re-design!

Now one of the reasons for this is because I was feeling a little uninspired recently and I just wasn’t feeling my old blog anymore. Maybe I simply out-grew it.

Another reason, the main reason, is that I want my blog to be a place of positivity. Something I can feel proud of. The way that it was and the way the I was approaching it before, meant that, that was just not going to happen. Not because I don’t care (don’t get me wrong) but more that since starting my blog in the Summer only once or twice have I been able to dedicate enough time to a post, to feel like it’d written everything I wanted to share or discuss and that subsequently turned out to be something I felt proud of. With so little time to write lately I constantly feel like I’m against a clock that’s always running down. I have therefore resolved that there are only two ways to solve this: the first being that I stop writing. (I think I might literally explode, just imagining that prospect a second longer!) Or… Write slightly less frequently for a while, but when I do – give that piece the attention it deserves. Thinking about it now it’s a win-win really. I mean, I get to write which I LOVE doing and I get to spend the time doing so, that I feel I need. While hopefully, you will then enjoy getting to read better quality posts.
If you’re new, here are 3 facts about me and why I write, which will provide a little context for my blog:

1. I am an actress from England and am currently training on a foundation year in acting and so story – telling has always been something I’m innately drawn to. I have also recently discovered a love for spoken word poetry and hope to be sharing more of my own poetry with you all soon.

2. I have an obsession with tea; it helps make life a little better. The same goes for books, sunsets and photography, now that you mention it…

3. I have Cerebral Palsy. It’s different for every person who has it, for me it only effects my legs. I used to barely be able to walk as a child. With a lot of hard work and dedication (from many a person) I can now gratefully say that, that is no longer the case. I am a person of absolutes when it comes to dreams and it’s all or nothing because I have to give it my all or I’ll not get anywhere. As an actress and performer, I hope to one day create my own work that has the potential to inspire others as I have been – while also challenging the perception of what it means to be ‘disabled’ in today’s society, not just within the industry but in daily life. I’m not naïve enough to think it is something I can take on alone but its certainly a movement I would like to be apart of.and finally to learn, learn together (because there’s a fair bit I’m ignorant to as well, which I hope to change.) To simply raise awareness because if there’s a topic we shy away from discussing, how is anything ever going to change, let alone something as stubborn as prejudice.

So, if you’ve not grabbed your cup of tea yet (or coffee, whatever you like…) please do so – because I would be honoured to have you join me for the next part of whatever this is, this crazy creative thing we call blogging…

Love, Brittanie.



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