‘Puddles’ A Spoken Word Poem – Excerpt

‘Puddles’ A Spoken Word Poem – Excerpt

(As little context for you – I had to write something for an audition recently and this is the result, after editing it down for a 2 minute cut. I might publish the whole (unedited) thing one day, I’m not sure yet… Anyway the only guideline was the topic of ‘our place in the world.’ I decided to write a spoken word poem as opposed to a monologue; I’ve recently discovered a serious love of spoken word poetry! This was also written after a restoration theatre class where I had inadvertently started to feel that there was lack of potential positivity in the world… Hope you like it!)


Dear Rosie,

You are too young to understand this right now. But one day, you will.
I know this because as your Aunt it’s my duty to share the things I’ve learnt with you.

If you asked me I’d tell you that:
When it rains, I’m the first to grab your red wellies because that’s something we have in common, you and I, we love puddles and honey they’re for jumping in, so jump head first.
I’ll tell you that there’s certain ways to eat specific chocolate bars and if someone tells you not to dunk your Oreos – they are sadly mistaken.
They say that the world is your oyster so, sweetie, if you want to be a mermaid, dive for the pearls.
They’ll be hidden and they maybe a little tarnished – but I promise you they are there.
And If you asked me for the fairy-tale version of life, I would not hesitate to leave out the rest.


But you are my brother’s daughter and you’re smart enough to know there’s more to life than this.
And for that reason, I’ll tell you what someone very clever once told me, that ‘you can’t take on the whole world alone.’
Its weight will crush the very atoms that make you, you. Your innocence, your playfulness, your willingness to run with life and not hide behind it.
That is, if you let it.
It took me some 19 years to realise this, and boy, when I did, it wasn’t pretty.
If you ever don’t know what to do, know this: know what others don’t seem to know. Your words are all the power you’ll ever need, so respect them and others.


When you see newspapers adorned with fears for the future, climate change, conflict and war,
remember what your Grandmother always taught me, she taught me the rule of “+1.” Where there is all that there is in life… and a little bit more. A little more hope and a little more love.
Find the beauty in this interim because put simply there is no day without night, no good without bad and certainly no puddles without rain. So, look to the clouds and their silver linings.


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