The Last 6 Months & Remembering I Have a Blog

The Last 6 Months & Remembering I Have a Blog

Hello good people of the internet.

A lot has happened since we last spoke, to name a few things: I graduated from my previous college, finally convinced the family to get cats, then moved out of my family home, said goodbye to said cats…sad times, moved to the other side of the country, I now have a kitchen, with a designated tea cupboard (does this qualify me as a full fledge adult yet??) Started Drama School, started a new job, left an old one, found a new flat, not yet moved, took up piano, procrastinated…procrastinated, procrastinated (A Lot) had a birthday, I wrote some stuff, then got rid of same said stuff, didn’t write a single word for what felt like a lifetime, binged watched all of Grey’s Anatomy from start to finish (oh my gosh you get so attached to the characters when you watch it all in one go!) and am 3 weeks away from completing the first year of my degree.

So yeah that happened but still not an excuse to not be writing!

Well I feel like the title sums it up rather nicely if I’m honest. I couldn’t even remember my login to write this morning. I login and what do I see? Most recent posts are from last May, I have hefty pile of 28 drafts gathering dust from last Spring and Summer and I managed to even skim over my one year bloggerversairy! Agh oops.

A lot has been happening since I last wrote and it was only this morning as I was summiting some work for Uni which had to be written in the style of a blog did I even pause and think about this little corner I’ve left neglected for so long. I miss writing and I figured there’s only one way to fix that. So, here I am again not because I’m promising to write more, but because I simply miss it.

I mean, I still write I just haven’t posted anything in a long, long, long, long, loooonnnnng time. Until today. The more I wanted to write the more I couldn’t, and I realised over time, that it would happen eventually, when it became impossible not to write something.

Also, I’ve realised that this little space has become the draw of random objects, the cupboard of things that don’t have a home, the space under the bed where you just scoop up your odd socks to hide them out of the way for a while.  *winces internally* now I’ve written that I am really hope I’m not the only one who does that aha…) There is absolutely no rhyme or rhythm to this blog, I literally post whatever babble comes mouth. No more. I am putting some kind of definition on this space. Not because I have to but because I want to, for the sake of my own clarity if nothing else.

If you’re already acquainted with this blog, Hi! I’m glad you decided to stick around despite my massive hiatus from the blogosphere – I’m very excited to be back and to catch up on all your adventures over the past few months too! If you’re new, welcome, welcome, grab a cup of tea and pull up a seat and feel free to direct me to your blog, should you have one, I always love discovering new writing!

Be prepared for some throwbacks, just pre-warning you a couple of my drafts might actual see the light of day!

I will most likely break these down as series of things because now that I’ve just written them out, there seems to still be a lot of randomness!

Things you can expect to stay the same:

  • A general love of tea/coffee.
  • Spoken word poetry/poets
  • Theatre-re-ness

New/updated things you might stumble upon:

  • If you’re a fellow blogger you may be aware that the official weekly photo challenge has ended, a while ago now and I don’t know about you, but I miss it. So, what I’m proposing is that a photo challenge of some kind still exists either by writing down a bunch of random suggestions/words as inspiration and drawing one out to focus on or alternatively, taking photos over the month and then using one as a stimulus for a piece of writing… I might mix it up a bit, *shrugs* who knows, it’s not quite a fully formed idea yet. But as always anyone is welcome to join in with the creating of something in response, it doesn’t have to even be photography, maybe a drawing or any other form of media.
  • Baking/recipes I might try some new things with that, its been a bit of a new learning curve for me since becoming vegetarian this last year.
  • General life-ness and discovering all the things that come with being at University, living with Cerebral Palsy ( which I don’t really ever talk about and why I don’t do that is something I’m only really just starting to ask myself – I find it so helpful and wonderful when I hear other people doing exactly that!) and technically being an ‘adult’ whatever that means…
  • Book and TV Talk (because there it a lot of really good writing that needs to be discussed right now!)
  • Last but not least, above all I just want this to be a space of positivity (I don’t know about you, but I can always do with more of that in my life!) I might turn my ‘tea Tuesdays’ into more of a chit-chat/catch up vibe.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are I mean, I know its June but its hot in England for once so, I  definitely plan to be making the most of it!

Speak soon,



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