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The Last 6 Months & Remembering I Have a Blog

Hello good people of the internet.
A lot has happened since we last spoke, to name a few things: I graduated from my previous college, finally convinced the family to get cats, then moved out of my family home, said goodbye to said cats…sad times, moved to the other side of the country, I now have a kitchen, with a designated tea cupboard (does this qualify me as a full fledge adult yet??) Started Drama School, started a new job, left an old one, found a new flat, not yet moved, took up piano, procrastinated…procrastinated, procrastinated (A Lot) had a birthday, I wrote some stuff, then got rid of same said stuff, didn’t write a single word for what felt like a lifetime, binged watched all of Grey’s Anatomy from start to finish (oh my gosh you get so attached to the characters when you watch it all in one go!) and am 3 weeks away from completing the first year of my degree.


‘Parallel’ Poem Excerpt

It feels like the most freeing thing in the World and yet…


Let’s Bake: Banana Bread!

So I made some banana bread with my cousin the other day…


Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Smile

I couldn’t pick one thing or moment that has made me smile…


‘Puddles’ A Spoken Word Poem – Excerpt

(As little context for you – I had to write something for…


Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

I’ve decided to finally attempt writing about Cerebral Palsy (CP) for two reasons:…


Updating The Blog & Discussing: Writing ‘Worthwhile’ Content

Hello welcome! If you’re new to my blog, come on in, make…


Theatre Week: ‘Othello’

Ooooo, I loved this play, I may be slightly biased as I…


Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Rise/Set

This week’s brief is as follows: “For this week’s photo challenge, explore…


Theatre Week: ‘The Addams Family’ A Comedy Musical

Back in January 2017 I got tickets for ‘The Addams Family’ for my sister – in – law’s birthday, as something we could all do together because  I don’t see them very often. In my unusual preparedness I had to keep this a secret for a whole 4 months – until her birthday. I decided it was going to be ok though; it would be worth it. Only, it turned out to be the end of June before I saw her. That’s a record breaking silence for me, especially  regarding a musical.  RECORD BREAKING! We both really like Carrie Hope Fletcher as an actress and author, which helped to narrow down the choices tremendously. Honestly, I’m terrible at picking a show to see, I can never decide as there’s just no way to see them all, so I feel like every choice has GOT to count!


Theatre Week: ‘The Grinning Man’

For today I want to start with the most recent show I’ve…


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