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Tea Tasting Tuesdays

Hello and happy Tuesday!
I absolutely love tea – I would not have gotten through my A – Levels without a good cup of tea every now and then, so much so, that it has become a little know fact about me amongst my friends. Since then I have accumulated a vast tea stash and I want to try some new types. So, I thought I might try a series of tea tasting!
(ANNNNDD if nothing else its just a really, really good excuse to have a cup of tea!)


Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Delta

Ok, so I thought I would try and give this a go… Seemingly off topic but I promise it’s not – one of my favourite genre’s is sci-fi because I love the various plot twists that hide within its pages of the resultant possibility of time travel. Obviously I know time travel is fiction no matter how much I wish I could travel by T.A.R.D.I.S. (and I do; that would be amazing!)


Idina Menzel Album Tour Concert

Well… I’m not sure how to begin as I’m honestly having trouble believing it really happened. I adore musical theatre and so its only natural for Idina Menzel to be an inspiration of mine. As Mr Jonathan Larson unrefuted and beautifully wrote ‘there’s no day but today.’ I want to live life choosing to make mistakes if I must, but not regrets.


~ Why I Write ~

The other day I found myself forced to sit down at my computer and write in order to meet deadlines and it was, well – utterly brilliant. I hadn’t realised how much I missed writing by choice!


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