Let’s Bake: Banana Bread!

So I made some banana bread with my cousin the other day…


Let's Bake: Gingerbread People!

Gingerbread is one my favourite things to make but for some reason I feel like I’m cheating on Christmas if I make them any other time of the year. So, I always try to make sure I try to make some come December. I made them for my brother as he loves gingerbread but then I forgot to actually give them to him!
And I even used a recipe this time!


Let's Bake: Mocha Muffins

Hello Everyone!
This is my very first baking post so I’m just going to see where this goes!
Now, I love baking but I haven’t had the chance to make anything in quite some time. It was my friends birthday a couple of weeks ago and so I grabbed that excuse with both hands! You should probably know however, that I have a tendency not to use recipes… Which honestly isn’t the best idea but, it usually ends up that way even when I intend to use one!


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